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Greetings! Hope everyones summer has been nice!


I hope everyone has enjoyed the summer weather, especially in the north! Module #4 has been released in a beta form, I had to test some new printing styles and bindings. A edited release will ome soon. Thanks to all the first 50 that purchesed a book to support the new release coming full force soon. Still clearing out more old inventory, more updates coming in the upcoming month! We also have fresh new copies of Module #1 and Module #2 now shipping! Module #3 is running a little lower, and the Excyclopedia is virtuially out of print! For toys we added a few new consignment items, HIGH quality vintage Marx sets, loose items, new customs, horses, and plenty of other items not posted in a loooong time. Have a look! . We are diligently working on the 4th Module which will be bigger than any other module we have done! We are also trying to update the searching, and creating an easier way to search for toys. Thanks again for the support!


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Module #4 Coming in 2017! Our biggest Module yet!
Tom- VTR
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If you are not paying with paypal, Please send a postal MO to the following address and have it made out to:
  • "Tom Heaton"
  • PO Box 26901
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  • Phone- 585-227-9533, 7-11pm est standard time!
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"Our mission is to deliver the world's largest set-sale website dedicated to vintage Marx action figures, books, and other toys from the 1960s-1970s while providing world class customer service and support"

What's the latest on print in ink? Module #3, The Canadian Differences!
I want to thank all of you that have stepped up to support the effort! In stock ready to ship the all new module #3,"The Canadian Differences"! Enjoy the tribute to the left to honor our Canadian Collectors. Canada has been a solid part of Johnny West history as most of you know. Thanks to Bruno Raymond for the help north of the border! We have put extensive effort into our recent module in hopes to give much more additional Canadian information! Tom- VTR
Thanks for your continued business, Here is a story on a different toy we cherished in the 70s!

Check out our latest article and click here for the scoop on this cool article on the Stony Smith paratrooper child size military playset!

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