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Lone Ranger Series Red Sleeves Lot #2257 th $ 62
Loose Red Sleeves from the Lone Ranger series, fig is NICE, C9, Comes with complete clothing, see pics of the figure and what you get. They are pretty HTF, see what you get with this figure!
UK Thunderbolt Lot #2350 th $ 175
This is a RARE 1st issue UK thunderbolt! The box features a Magic Marxie Symbol, the only horse box like this that I have ever seen. It features a 1st issue UK thunderbolt with black hooves and has the UK stamp. The box is a C7-C8, missing a side section, The horse is a C8-C9, pretty nice overall. If you want a rare box, this one is for you.
Buddy Charlie / All American Fighter Dog Tags! Lot #2429 th $ 21
Mint set of Dog Tags! Comes with tag, paper Hong Kong label, and chain. It is very hard to find these with the HK label intact. These are recently acquired old unused inventory stock! Nice! I can do 2 for $29.
Pancho Pony (Canadian, SOLD) Lot #2661 bf $ 0
Sorrell color W/ Canadian Box! Box is a C8-8+, Horse is a C8 but would have been a C9 but tail was repaired (Actually happened in Customs). comes with full balck tack A real beauty for your collection!
Erik the Viking and Mighty Viking Horse with Box! Box is a C9 NICE with a C9+ Minty Erik figure! Horse is a C9 with some minior strap melts comes with all saddle gear! Accessories are Mint and Complete! I have another horn with mint strap to add to the set, see Pics of this fine example of the Erik Combo for your collection upgrade!
Sheriff Goode Lot #3035 th $ 143
Vintage Canadian Sheriff Goode! Figures are pretty scarce, this one is a C8+ , somes with 14 vintage accs a few flawed, has soe hair wear otherwise displays great, vintage to boot!
Johnny Rebb Fort Apache Fighter Lot #3146 th $ 119
Figure is a C*+-C9, comes with 18/22 accessories some are flawed. This is a unique figure with a story. As many now know, there are several of these that have surfaced! It is a factory painted dark haired Johnny West head on a cavalry figure. My guess is it was a Maddox or Zachary substitution. These many times have chromed looking black accessories a some of these are. I do believe this is factory produced since we have seen more than a few of these in collections. These are starting to become a legitimate variation being found multiple times.
Geronimo in a RARE Litho colored mailer Lot #3195 th $ 165
The following is a multicolored lithograph boxed Geronimo set with 37/37 accessories, The two groups are factory sealed accessories! The bandana of course is also present and the instructions. The box is a C8 very hard to find, and the Geronimo is a C9+!
Jane West in a RARE Litho colored mailer Lot #3196 th $ 148
The following is a multicolored lithographed Jane west mailer set. Jane comes with sealed vinyl accessories with original instructions! Here is a real chance to get a C9+ mint figure with sealed accessories and a super rare two colored mailer box in C8+ overall.
Rocky Mountain Gear Chest! Lot #3200 th $ 139
The following is a Montogomery Wards exclusive 1970s issued rocky mountain gear chest! Have not had one this complete for over a decade! Comes with a huge assortment of accessories and the original instructions to boot most accessories are mint few have flaws. All items included shown on the instruction sheet plus others from the accessory groupings. This is one pretty rare set don't let it pass. The cavalry gear is black, the cowboy gear is brown. The Boone/buck frontier clothing is brown. Orig instux included. Box hinge intact and both handles!
Valiant Sir Cedric the Black Knights Horse Custom Lot #3208 th $ 119
Here is a cool custom Valiant horse for Sir Cedric the black knight. Horse comes with a full set of reissue black armor; horse was custom painted gray with black eyes similar to the original united kingdom version. See pictures of how awesome this custom looks. Perfect for your reissue black night or your vintage black knight.
Zeb Zachary Lot #3240 th $ 289
Zeb Zachary W/ BOX! Box is a C8, Has some fading and wear, Figure is a C9, nice hair. Comes complete!!!22/22 accessories! ! Flawed bandana otherwise nice cavalry accessories. set comes with instrux copy. Great gift right here from 1967!
Mike Hazard Trench Coat Lot #3245 th $ 34
Mint factory stock Mike Hazard Trench coat! Comes with belt, buckle, new old store stock! From our collection.
Black and White Storm Cloud with Geronimo! Lot #3299 th $ 345
SEARS EXCLUSIVE Fort Apache Fighters Geronimo w/ Black and White Storm Cloud Pinto set! The set is pretty nice. The entire set is a C8+C9 overall, displays nice. Geronimo comes with mint 37/37 accessories, the fig is a C9 1st issue Geronimo. The Black and white pinto is a C8-C8+, has some play wear, scratches, see pics. This version of Storm Cloud is the gold nugget for horses. Many collectors get down to needing this horse to fill the final collection.There is no case nor teeppe in this offering. Here is the chance to get that elusive horse with a complete Geronimo and harder to find fist issue figure! Free US shipping!
Sheriff Garrett White Chaps (SOLD) Lot #3302 th $ 0
Mint hard to find Johnny Wets Adventure Sheriff Garrett white chaps! Also included is a nice white vest! These chaps are hard to find mint and note they are vintage not the rubbery reissues that came out. See pic!

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