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General Custer (SOLD) Lot #2883 th $ 0
General Custer W/ Fort Apache Fighters Box! C9+ Figure, complete! Box is a C8+, some wear, nice set 22/22 accs with flawed holster, orig instrux and free US shipping!
General Gordon Custom (SOLD 1 more left ) Lot #2975 th $ 85
General Gordon Custom cavalry soldier, comes on a C8-C8+ vintage Custer body with 20 vintage Accs and 2 Plastimarx reissue accs! Looks cool see pics of this variation to add to your Fort Apache Fighters crew! Stock photo Can make 1 more
Unused runner of western Playset accessories Lot #2990 th $ 36
Set of Western accessories perfect for your Fort Apache Fighters Playset, or any other playset using these as props.
Comanche Lot #3068 th $ 119
Boxed Fort Apache Fighters Cream Comanche, C7+, comes with SEALED brown tack! Has some melt marks, joints pretty decent, see pics on how it pairs with a noce box to boot!
Western Cavalry Duster coat! Lot #3078 th $ 20
Custom Duster Coat! Perfect for your Fort Apache Fighter or Best of the West Figure! See how cool this looks on a figure by checking out lot 3078 th.
The Beginning 1964-1967 Heroes of the West Thru The Fort Apache Fighters Series 11x17 Poster!! Lot #3089 th $ 10
Module # 4 Heroes of the wes Best of the West Fortapache Fighters Poster! 1964-1967! This poster is on heavy cover stock! Perfect for mounting!
Illustration Guide to Marx Figures! Module 4 The Beginning 1964-1967 Heroes of the West Thru Fort Apache Fighters Series! Lot #3090 th $ 49
This is our fourth Illustration guide to Marx Figures. Module No. 4 "The Beginning Heroes of the West Thru the Fort Apache Fighters Series". Over 97 pages in full color, covering an in depth look at the early issued U.S. Marx figures! This module far exceeds what the Encyclopedia delivered adding prototypes, test shots, retail catalogs, Sears combos, and so much more! A close look at vintage box art, and story around the great toy company launching the western and Fort Apache 1/6 scale figures. If you like the Encyclopedia, and Module #1, Module #2 and Module #3, you will love this new module! All Copies Numbered and signed up to the first 100! Cover is laminated to insure longevity! Check out the pictures! For a limited time, a 1964-1967 Western and FAF 1/17 Poster of figures will be included!
Captain Maddox (SOLD) Lot #3100 th $ 0
Captain Maddox comes with a C9-9+ Fort Apache Fighters box complete 22/22 sealed accessories! Original instruction sheet and a copy of really nice reissue Epaulet stickers, figure comes in C9-C9 plus condition! Here is your chance to get a mint perfect captain for your display you will not be disappointed; all accessories come unopened bags. Seepics of this set!
Comanche Lot #3119 th $ 125
Brown Comanche with a C7+ box, flap missing,corner repairs, comes with a C8+ Comanche with some melt marks but has excellent joints, tight. Comes with sealed mint tack in the bag, factory sealed, original Fort Apache fighters guide included !
Teepee (SOLD) Lot #3128 th $ 0
Vintage Fort Apache fighters Indian Teepee!  This does not include any of the dowels or the base just the original Teepee; great for replacing one that might be ripped or torn. This one has no rips or tears just wrinkling in some play wear.Could easily be used with home depot dowels and a custom base if you are creative!
Captain Maddox (SOLD) Lot #3135 th $ 0
Captain Maddox with box! Fort Apache fighters box is a C8+ taped corner ; figure is a C9 comes with 22/22 minty accessories includes reproduction epaulet stickers, original instructions included. This is one beautiful set complete with the box and instructions don't miss out.
Johnny Rebb Fort Apache Fighter Lot #3146 th $ 119
Figure is a C*+-C9, comes with 18/22 accessories some are flawed. This is a unique figure with a story. As many now know, there are several of these that have surfaced! It is a factory painted dark haired Johnny West head on a cavalry figure. My guess is it was a Maddox or Zachary substitution. These many times have chromed looking black accessories a some of these are. I do believe this is factory produced since we have seen more than a few of these in collections.
Fighting Eagle Lot #3151 th $ 88
Vintage Fort Apache Fighters Fighting Eagle figure comes with 35/36 accessories missing the Hackamore otherwise complete! Figure is also nice C8-C8+ overall! See pics!
Corporal Arnie the Fort Apache Fighter Custom (SOLD) Lot #3163 th $ 0
Corporal Arnie Calvary soldier comes with 19 accessorie, CXR white and reissue silver and yellow comes on tan cxr cavalry body with a CXR Arnold Palmer Head Sculpt. Looks kind of like George W Bush. See pics!

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