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Encyclopedia of Marx Action Figures Lot #1002 th $ 39
This is the book that started it all! Everything you wanted to know about Marx action figures. From Johnny West to The Lone Ranger, it covers it all!! All books are author signed. Be sure to visit the Encyclopedia link for more information. Check out the New Expansion packs! The Modules; #1-#3! You will want those too!
Johnny west Vest Lot #1385 th $ 4
loose Vest(C9 condition)! No picture available. I have surplus in these, you will get one of each, free shipping in the US. (Brown Color)
Illustration Guide to Marx Figures! Module 1 Lot #1508 th $ 32
This is a full color reprint of our first Illustration guide to Marx Figures. Module No. 1 "The Johnny West Adventure Series!" 42 plus Pages in full color, covering an in depth look at the series. Includes a close look at some test shots and colors never used for production. If you like the Encyclopedia, or Module #2, or Module #3, you really need Module #1! you will love this module!
Best of The West Johnny West Poster, in 3D!!!!!!! Lot #1844 th $ 10
New 11x17 Johnny West Best of The West 3D Poster! Includes a pair of 3D glasses for viewing! Want to see these figures in lifelike 3D Imagery, pick up a poster now! If you like Viewmaster items, our new 3Dtoyroom pictures are for you! This is the first of our offerings in 3D Toy pictures.
Johnny West MOD colours 11x17 Canadian Color Best of The West Poster!! Lot #2303 th $ 10
Our 2010 poster, 11x17 Johnny West Best of The West Canadian MOD Colours Poster! If you want a poster of your favorite Canadian Marx figures this is for you!
Mexico reIssued large figure hands Johnny West scale Lot #2638 th $ 18
Yes, what many have needed! Hands! Here is the chance to get a set of Mexico/Plastimarx hands. These fit all 12" male vintage Marx figures figures.They are Caucasian color hands.
Mexico reissued large figure Quick Draw (QD) right hand for Cobra or JW Lot #2640 th $ 10
Right quickdraw (QD) hand has the hole for pistol peg, perfect for your JWA Cobra or Johnny West
Fighting Eagle Lot #2847 sb $ 128
Johnny West Adventure C8-C8+ missing Earring, Contains a whopping 32/36 Lime Green and Brown accs! Few brown accs flawed, Cool set! Harder to find colors!
Coloring Book - Circle X Ranch Johnny West Coloring Book! For the Kids! Lot #2868 mb $ 18
Illustrated by Mykol Blackwell and authored by Terri Coop, The Circle X Ranch Johnny West Coloring Book!. This is a nice Best of the West Johnny West and friends coloring book! Lots of pages of coloring fun! 28 page book!
Sam Cobra Anniversary set!!! Lot #2871 th $ 139
Johnny West 50th Anniversary Sam Cobra set! Comes with box, cool indigo bright blue body with Black hard accessories, 25/25 accs plus extra Axe heads never included with vintage sets! Set is numbered and has certificate of authenticity, made with original Marx Molds in Mexico.
Johnny West Canadian MOD Verison! Lot #2959 th $ 146
Loose, Figure is a C8-C8+, figure has a nice head, this is the lighter green color figure. Comes with 24/24 brown and silver Plastimarx accessories, Mint chaps. The figure displays nice. See picture of this cool figure!
Johnny West Lot #3052 th $ 172
W/ Box! A Real nice Movable version Of Johnny west! Box is a C8-C8+, fig is a C9! Comes with Sealed Vinyl Accessories! Complete opened Poly group, no Instrux. This is nice start or upgrade!
Johnny Rebb Fort Apache Fighter Lot #3146 th $ 119
Figure is a C*+-C9, comes with 18/22 accessories some are flawed. This is a unique figure with a story. As many now know, there are several of these that have surfaced! It is a factory painted dark haired Johnny West head on a cavalry figure. My guess is it was a Maddox or Zachary substitution. These many times have chromed looking black accessories a some of these are. I do believe this is factory produced since we have seen more than a few of these in collections.
Buffalo Lot #3174 fc $ 79
Johnny West Buffalo in the box the Buffalo, is it a nice strong C9 condition tail intact the box comes in a C7 plus condition has some staining and tape on it no major rips or tears. See Pics! The box is a Bonus!
Johnny West MOD colours 11x17 Canadian Color Best of The West Poster!! Second Edition! Lot #3191 th $ 10
Our 2010 poster, 11x17 Johnny West Best of The West Canadian MOD Colours Poster! If you want a poster of your favorite Canadian Marx figures this is for you!
Johnny West with cool butterscotch accessories! Lot #3202 th $ 135
Johnny West reissue in a Plastimarx brown body with a full set beautiful heavy vinyl butterscotch accessories. Also comes with brown hard polyethylene accessories. Contains 26/26 reissue accessories, This is a really cool set for your collection. There is a stress split on an arm which some of these get but it does not detract from how cool it displays.
Johnny West Lot #3207 th $ 165
Johnny West MOD Cactus box is a C8+, and the figure is a C9-C9+! Comes with 24/24 vintage accessories Note chaps have a flawed tassel. Also includes original instructions. This is one of my favorite vintage JW boxes!
Marx Playset Book (SOLD) Lot #3215 th $ 0
Marx Playset Book! The following is Marx out of print western playsets book over 190 pages, by Jay Horowitz. This book covers some Marx action figures from retail catalogs and some other minor photo shots of them. Other nuggets of Marx action figure information includes pictures of some of the figures along with retail catalog pictures of the Johnny West adventure series and the Ready gang series. I have one of these books in my collection of books just because it does cover these prototype Johnny West Small Scale Playsets that we have had recent interested as collectors. This is a hard cover book in very good shape signed by the author.

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