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Marx Reissues! Best of The West Series

custer looseThe Best of The West Series has been rather short lived. There are some issues on molds, and what could actually be produced. The General Custer fell short of expectations. Back in stock, Johnny West reissues! Click on the pics below for reissue of your choice! The link will take you to a full review with pictures and price info!

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General Custer
Custer Box
custer loose
Custer is in! Please read the review below! Some positives some negatives. The biggest win? The vinyl gloves and neckerchief! Please Note, I am out of Johnny West Figs at this time, email to get on list!
      1. The figures are molded just like the vintage in size, and color. The plastic is a very close color match as well. I still feel it is lighter, more hard plastic like.
      2. The poly accessories are silver/grey, seem a bit course, mold wear perhaps. the vinyl accessories are NOT calvary, rather they are JW/Garrett accessories. They include the range holster and hat, cowboy spur straps, and cowboy canteen. The COOL part is the gloves and bandana! They are BETTER, YES BETTER than vintage! They are vinyl not poly like vintage. They are pliable and look and perform perfect.
      3. Another improvement is the springs. Proper size springs are now used in the fugures legs.
      4. Rivets seem better. They are painted assembled though, vintage were painted prior to assembly.
      5. NOW...Points on the Custer. Why were the Vintage accessories not used? 2 reasons/issues. Missing and damaged mold equipment. If duplicate molds are located, perhaps future figures may include the proper cavalry gear, but for now? Negative- Plan on Vintage for that. Get ready for this story to repeat perhaps in later figs... After 30 years of tearing a company down, I guess alot gets damaged and lost, sold, etc. Time will tell what molds they have complete. Stony? The Girl From UNCLE? Mike Hazard? HMMMM...Enjoy what you get reissued, and most of all lobby for something NEW! UNIQUE! Jesse James! James West! We are lucky any of these molds are still around quite frankly. They are large and take up alot of space. Who would have thought we would want toys made as collectibles 20 plus years later, Tom- VTR

Johnny West

He was one of the first reintroduced, and quite popular. Molded in the same vintage tan color, Johnny came with vintage brown vinyl color, and 2 full sets of poly accessories molded in silver and black! The black accessories are very cool, a VTR color of choice for these reissues. This set is great just for the black accessories.Picture a dangerous Dan with black vinyl and reissue black accessories? Cool indeed. Custom ideas are up to you.
  1. The figures are molded just like the vintage in size, and color. The plastic is a very close color match as well. Reissue color is right on for Johnny!
  2. The exact same number of accessories are included with the reissues. The main exception is 2 sets of poly accessories are included, molded n silver and NEVER produced cool Black. The Black accessories was an idea of ours at The Vintage Toy Room. Quality is good on the accessories, maybe a little more flash than vintage, but within reason. The Vinyl accessories are VERY GOOD!
  3. The Bodies feel similar to the vintage, the weights feel a little less dense, again the color is a good match, the feel is a little shy of the true vintage feel. My guess is the molds are seeing wear. Flash trimming is evident in some areas, e.g. look at the neck area you will see some cut lines.
  4. Now the hardware. Overall the hardware is OK, the pins are not like the vintage. Arm style springs were used in the legs. The pins are recessed and painted, however they were painted after assembly verses before. All in all not bad.
  5. Hair Paint is also improved. The hair is glossy like vintage, improvement from the knights. Looks like eyes are hand painted verses a stencil like used in vintage. Flesh is also improved, we got back our vintage pasty white verses the rosie color. I would say the vinyl is more firm again, dead on like vintage! Some mold hairlines can be seen on the face?
  6. Now the box. The box is too big, a pain to ship. They improved the strength, however the vintage style box is still being pitched by us, with of coarse sealed accessories on the trees. Lets see what happens...Playing Mantis/Dragon/Ultimate soldier are alternative styles as well.
  7. With all this crunched together, I give these figures a B+. Not as good as C9 Vintage, but better than C7 Vintage...The value is there. I of coarse would have preferred alternate color variations. Say a Black Body? DARK BLUE vinyl accessories? Some variations would keep it interesting. The black accessories are a start, I have plenty of new ideas to pass on.
  8. Please Email feedback!!! I value opinions! Tom-
  1. The Thunderbolts are molded in vintage Palomino to a tan color, not bad of a match. These reissues have black painted hooves. The most obvious difference is the seams. They are not boded as smooth as vintage, you can see trim cuts or grind lines on seams.
  2. The paint is OK. The socks are nicely air brushed but some areas around the head are hand painted. Not bad overall
  3. The tack comes with exact same number of accessories as vintage. The color is vintage red/brown, I question the material. The Johnny's have a true vinyl type of feel but the tack feels more like rubber It is very elastic. The tack performs and works fine, looks good but has a different "smell" to it. It does seem to air out over time, I wish they used the same material Johnny clothing had though. The tack comes on trees!! The bags are stapled verses heat sealed like most vintage accessories.
  4. The boxes are window boxes. They are not bad but I still like the retro look with box art. Send me your feedback on this issue! The mass populace seems to agree so far on retro.
  5. Overall, I would be lying if I said they are junk. They are not! With a full set of tack the prices are more than fair and worth it. When on the shelf its hard to tell the vintage/reissue difference from a side profile.
  6. Please Email feedback!!! I value opinions! Tom-

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