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Janice West Lot #1754 th $ 49
Janice West, loose, C8-C8+, comes with 11/12 accessories! Displays great!
Princess Wildflower Hair Ribbons Lot #1880 th $ 5
New addition to the VTR! Die cut replacement vinyl hair ribbons for Princess Wildflower! These are the same scale and size as original, die cut for easy application. These stick excellent to vinyl heads with proper adhesion. You will not be disappointed.
Captain Maddox Epaulet stickers Lot #1884 th $ 6
VTR exclusive new production Captain Maddox replacement epaulets stickers are here!!! Yes, most are gone these days, here are some for those Captains! Give him his rank! No need to cut these from the card. Why? These are die cut! That's right, just like the vintage. Die cut and ready to peel and stick. Vinyl stickers are professionally made and have excellent adhesion. Your captain is perfect with these, see pictures. If you tried our other versions, I urge you to buy a set of these. You will be pleased in the quality and color.
Janice West Lot #1982 th $ 59
Janice West loose, C8-C8+, comes with 13/13 accs, looks nice! Complete Janice for the collection!
Josie West Lot #2377 th $ 59
Josie West, no box, figure is a C9-C9+, comes with 11/12 accs! Looks great see pics!
Jane West Lot #2392 th $ 125
Jane West, C7-C8 Box, C9-C9+ Old 1st head (Ugly Head as collectors say) Figure! Comes with 31/36 accessories, rare MUSTARD accessories, harder to find, orig instrux to boot! Nice!
Jane West Lot #2439 th $ 159
Jane West W/ Box!, MOD Box, C8-C8+, fig is a C9-C9+, clean, comes with 36/36 minty SEALED vintage accessories, orig instrux! Great displaying Jane and a bit harder to find MOD box for your collection!
Josie West Lot #2465 JL $ 35
Loose, with accs as shown, Free US Shipping!
Bill Buck, Custom Lot #2647 th $ 81
The bearded Bill Buck is a custom Cavalry scout figure produced by Marx Toys of Fort Scott Kansas, AKA CXR figures. Bill comes molded in turquoise blue! The figure comes new with 10 accessories as shown, mixed in silver, cream, brown. Look at the pics to see these new item! Great replacement for HTF or lost sets
Box Art with Acrylic T-Frame! Lot #2710 th $ 25
Cool clear T-Frame with Choice of Box Face! So far we have the ones shown, let us know what you want and we may make others for a slight added cost! Here is the chance to get cool box art without cost of the box!
General Custer Lot #2765 sb $ 155
FAF box, C8- Dave on it, some wear, fig is a C8+, holster buckle repaired, 22/22 accs, Orig Instrux
Quick Draw Sam Cobra Lot #2767 sb $ 135
top of box taped on, c7+, Fig is a C9, 15 accs some flawed, not bad with some cobra accs to boot!
Josie West Lot #2768 sb $ 45
W box, BOTW Box, C8, Fig C9, 7 accs
Janice West Lot #2769 sb $ 44
C8, elbox split, no box, 11 accs, some are flawed, see pics, free US Shipping!
General Custer Lot #2771 sb $ 89
Loose, C8, 21/22 accs, few flawed or dirty, still nice lot of accs and a great vintage custer body, free US shipping!
Geronimo Lot #2774 sb $ 149
BOTW Geronimo, C8 box, C8+-C9 fig, 37/37 minty accs, orig pre-1974 issue instrux with green print! Nice set for the collection!
Jay/Jamie accs, HTF Peach Vest! Lot #2776 sb $ 23
HTF peach Canadian Vest, Mixed hats, other accs, few are flawed, see pics!
Geronimo Lot #2777 sb $ 115
FAF Geronimo, C8- box, has tape and is worn, C8+ fig, Decent first issue figure, 30/37 accs, few have flaws.
Geronimo Lot #2778 sb $ 142
FAF Geronimo, C8- box,taped corners, C9 fig, 37/37 accs, all in nice shape, a few have a defect, but overall in fine shape, also comes with an instrux copy.
Jane West Lot #2780 sb $ 54
Best of the west, box C7+, corner damage, tape, fig C9, has the usual white hair for this era set, 22 accs, includes a HTF compact! Free US Shipping!

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